Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekend BBQ's and back to the beach!

We were around at Aidan and Carri-Anne's house on Friday for a BBQ. 
We splashed in the pool, ate well and played frisbee. 
Later, Amy napped in her buggy while we sat in the last patch of sun against the wall
 and ate biscuits and drank tea while the sun was starting to set.
We were at the beach again yesterday. 
Back to Portrush, and this time the sea was warm! 
I got to have a swim in the north sea! It was glorious! I love the seaside...
and so does Amy! 
She loves the water and the sand! 
She's all smiles and laughs and her little legs just don't stop kicking. 
Little sweetheart.
We drove over to Ballintoy to see Lee's mom and dad.
Lee's dad was painting and we took Amy back onto the sand 
with her bucket and spade.
Lee's mom took her into the water for a while and
Lee and I took a walk around to another beach
where the water washed seaweed up around our legs.
We ate ice-cream and walked around the harbour.

Today is a bit cloudy, but even if it's cold and rainy now until next year,
we've had a great summer :)

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