Thursday, 8 August 2013

A post

Not a lot has been happening around here lately. The sun continues to shine and summer goes on. Hooray!! We've been playing outside, visiting cousins, and generally taking it easy. Lee and I got to go to the cinema the other night while his mom looked after Amy at the house and put her to bed. We watched Monsters University and I ate waay more popcorn and maltesers than I probably should have. Yay (!!) for breastfeeding burnt calories!

I can't stand in one spot for more than a minute without seeing this little face smiling up at me.

 Same face.

In other 'news': my washing line snapped. What a time to do it too. I finished filling Amy's baby photo album that I'd wanted to last her a year, I found rooibos tea at our little local Tesco allowing me to cut back on my Yorkshire tea consumption, aaand the recycling men didn't waken Amy from her morning nap. There's a surprise! 

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