Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lee's big birthday weekend

On Monday we celebrated Lee's big 30th birthday. The celebrations began on Thursday when we left Amy with her nana in Ballymena and checked in to Galgorm Resort and Spa. We had our meal in the River Room, spent some time in the outdoor hot tub and in the spa. Galgorm is definitely one of our favorite places! 

On Sunday we had a family meal out in Ballymena and on Monday Amy got to spend some more time with her nana while Lee and I stayed over in The Merchant hotel in Belfast. Time was spent in the rooftop jacuzzi, drinking sherry cocktails in the bar and eating in the Great Room. We visited the Christmas market, ate bratwursts, drank snow beer and just had a lovely time. Ooh, and had a little lie lovely not to have to get up at half past five!

Before we got the bus back home we stopped in to Patisserie Mimi, a new little patisserie next to The Merchant. We were picking up some macaroons for Aidan and Carri-Ann and some bread for ourselves. 

It's a lovely little shop, but I love that it's called 'mimi', Amy's name for me :-)

It was so good to have some time away in the country and then in the city but I did miss having a little person trying to climb up my leg crying 'mimimimimi....'

Happy birthday Lee!!!

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