Tuesday, 24 September 2013

More...the last few days

 On Sunday Lee completed his first half marathon in 1h44m47s! I think he should do a marathon next!
 A very tired little boy after a morning at Funky Monkeys
 A look of disdain for Baby tv. I know baby, it's pretty rubbish. It's not the Gummy Bears.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Around here lately

Last week Amy took her first unaided steps. It was just one day though. She did it loads the whole day, and then she just stopped again, she must have lost her nerve or something. 
Little smarty pants. 

I've been taking Amy to Rhythm & Rhyme at the library and she's been loving it. We sings lots of songs and there are hand puppets and other babies and their mommies. Everyone's really friendly and nice.

I've been going to Pilates classes in the village hall, trying to strengthen what's left of my core.

Lee's running his first half marathon on Sunday...
 and I hope I don't give him this cold I've come down with :-(

Amy's 4th tooth is trying to come through. She's still so happy and smiley though. Sweet darling.

I've started to buy some things for her birthday, books and a soft dolly...and I have balloons and bunting all ready to go up. This week I plan to do a trial run of her cake. Geesh, when last did I bake a cake?!

We're counting down to Italy! Just over 2 weeks to go and we're so excited :-) I can't wait for some pretty villages, ice-cream, pizza, wine tasting and just spending some time with the family. 
It won't be very long after that and we'll be counting down to South Africa and my own ma and pa :-)

I'm loving the uninterrupted sleep, but miss having my little baby sleeping cuddled up on me. I feel so much more human though with the 7 hours of sleep I'm getting every night. Thank you baby.


Thursday, 12 September 2013

New shoes!

On Tuesday we took Amy to the Abbey Centre and Clarks 
to get her feet measured and buy her first pair of proper shoes. 
With the weather turning cooler and her pulling her socks off constantly, 
I thought it was time for some shoes to keep her feet cosy and warm. 
She was so excited getting her feet measured and her shoes tried on. 
She was bouncing all over the shop and then refused to get back into her buggy,
 insisting on walking, holding on to one of our hands.

By the time we got home, the poor little girl was so exhausted. 
She had a little meltdown over dinner and her bath and fell straight to sleep
the minute her head touched the mattress. 
Any day now and she's going to let go and take off on her own.
Our sweet little pre-walker :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

10 months & sleep!!

This past week we sorted out night times, nap times too. 
I've been considering sleep training for a while, and after a particularly bad night we decided to go for it.
She took to it really well and I'm feeling pretty silly for not doing it sooner, 
we are all so much better rested! If it were possible, Amy is even smilier and gigglier than ever.

Little sweetheart.

She's now sleeping a solid 12 hours at night and two 1 hour naps in the day.
Which is a lot better than waking up 3 or 4 times in the night with one 1 hour nap.
Poor baby was so tired. So was I.

Not walking just yet, but running ahead when she holds on to my hand. 
Two little teeth have popped up :)
Amy says 'mama' 'ma mee' 'mee mee' 'dadda' 'da dee'
She insists on the last sip of my cup of tea.
I think she pointed to my cup and said 'tea' this morning. It's probably a coincidence. 
Amy loves books. We read a lot together. 
She loves bunny too, and her bouncy ball. 
I'm sorry you had to cry yourself to sleep that night Amy!! 
We're all feeling a lot better because of it.
I hope you'll forgive your mee mee.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Some pictures from the last few days

Amy on the swings at the park in Glengormley after a visit to the library.

A walk to the shops with James after a trip to Funky Monkeys

Amy's first Northern Irish Nandos experience after an afternoon at Ormeau park. 
Lee ran another 10km race!

Back to the park on a bit of a blustery day after her first rhythm & rhyme session