Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A new years walk on the beach

We stayed over with Lee's family again last night. I fell asleep on the couch some time around 11 o'clock and was woken up a bit before 12 with a glass of bubbly. We watched some celebrations on the telly, said 'happy new year' all around and then went to bed.

Amy was up at six.

We all went to Portrush in the van this morning. Amy and James sat up front with Shane, excited to see the countryside go past them from the front seats.

We walked on the beach in the drizzle, splashing in the water. Amy fell on her bum as the sea was washing up and got soaked. She didn't seem to concerned.

We stopped at the hotel for our lunch. Amy shared my battered cod and some of nanna's chicken pasta. The fresh air and exercise caught up with us on the way back to Ballymena and the babies fell asleep in the front and I dozed in the back.

We're home again and it's good to be back. Life is about to go back to normal for the next week and then we're away off on our holiday.

Three weeks of my side of the family, sunshine, friends, good food and wine.

I cannot wait to be there!

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