Monday, 24 February 2014

Amy's at day care

Two Mondays ago, Amy started her settling in period at day care. She went for a couple of hours on the first day and built it up until she was in for almost 5 hours on Friday. Last week on Monday she started there full time.
They tell me she's doing very well, playing, eating all her snacks and lunches...she's probably doing better than I am. I've just been going back to the house, pottering around trying to use up the time until I can go pick her up again.

Here she is just about to leave the house on her first day of settling in.
Amy's coat peg

I'm starting a new job tomorrow. 
Life is about to change a whole lot over here.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gold Reef City

We all spent a day at Gold Reef City. We had a Victorian old fashioned family photo taken and went on a few rides. The shell ride is still my favorite! Amy loved the carousel and shouted and pointed excitedly at them whenever we were nearby. She went on them twice. Lee was very brave and went on the Jozi Express and the runaway train. I liked the raging rapids and got totally soaked.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Lee and I have been drinking (a fair bit) of AA Badenhorst Secateurs and family wines. 

We met Adi at a wine tasting at JN Wines and he'd said that when we come over to the Cape again, we should call in with them and have some wine with him. 

So we did.

He was clearly was harvest time but he opened up some wine and sat with us and had a drink and a chat. 

I'm so glad we did go out to the Swartland, because it ended up being a highlight of our Cape '14 trip.
We stopped in at Riebeek-Kasteel for lunch. Lee had done his research and found Bar Bar Black Sheep which do an amazing lamb burger. 

It was hot. Over 40 degrees hot. Lee coped with the heat better than I did.

Amy was a wee bit hyperactive when we tried to do a tasting at Mullineux and no amount of Tulli, Peppa Pig or anything on the Nexus would content or quiet her. The heat must have been getting to her too.