Sunday, 2 February 2014

South African trip 2014 (a nutshell)

We're home after three weeks in South Africa. Three fairly dramatic weeks, for one or other reason. We arrived on a Saturday. We tried (unsuccessfully) to catch up on some sleep after our hugs and hello's and then it was Sunday. We were up early (as we were every morning...). We dressed and ate breakfast and got Amy strapped in to her car seat and we headed for the Glen. We got to McBride Street and Amy threw up her Weet-Bix all over herself and the car seat. We turned back to get her cleaned up. And then she threw up a whole lot more and continued throwing up for the next six days.

She was at Mulbarton hospital twice and didn't eat for four days, her temperature reached 39.4. It was awful.

We flew to Cape Town on Saturday. Once Amy stopped screaming on the flight we started to enjoy our holiday. We stayed at Spier again, went wine tasting, picnicking, swimming and enjoying the sunshine.

When we got back from the Cape, Yvonne and the family were waiting for us. We had a week of family reunion, le Roux's, Koerts and O'Boyles all together for the first time in 6(?) years. We braaied, we took lots of photos, we went to Gold Reef City and did some catching up.

I really miss having my family around me.

Martin and Ashley have grown so tall. Ashley knits and crochets and Martin helped grandpa in the garage with the cars. They're both such good kids and I miss them.

And then Amy caught Ashley's cold and bad bad cough.

Amy didn't sleep one night through for three weeks. She woke three or four times every night and then decided to get up at half past four or five o'clock every morning. Every nap was a fight and we didn't always win.

We did manage to get some sleep on the way home. Jo'burg to Istanbul wasn't as traumatic as I'd imagined. Istanbul to Dublin went pretty fast too. The landing was a bit frightening though with awful gusty winds and an aborted landing at the very last second. That was pretty terrifying, the plane getting blown around and the wing just a bit too close to the runway.

We were pretty happy to get home to our cold little house, and after Amy went to bed, flop down on our big comfy couch and fall asleep in front of the telly.

Travelling with a 14 month isn't a holiday. I think we're going to wait until Amy is a wee bit older before we take her away so far again.

A lot of photos to follow...

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