Sunday, 29 June 2014

Amy's new dress & almost 20 months!

Amy got a pretty new dress in the post from Canada this week! Thank you aunty Yvonne and family! She says she feels like a princess in it :-) This is her coy look...

Our little squishy will be 20 months on Tuesday. She has two new teeth this week, and lots of dribbles and a drippy nose. At (almost) 20 months Amy is very busy. She doesn't sit still for more than a few seconds at a time and is always running off doing something or fetching something. She's pretty chatty and likes to repeat herself, just to make sure I get it. She does occasionally stop and slow down, but usually around nap or bedtime when she likes to curl up on my lap and snuggle and tell me night night. We sit in her rocking chair and I cover her little face in kisses. Surprisingly, she doesn't fight it and sometimes even asks for more :-)

Our sweet little lovie x

A sunny day

We were up early (when aren't we??) and away to the lough shore at Jordanstown. It had been so sunny at home, but when we got there, the sun had disappeared and I felt horribly under-dressed. We bought ice-creams anyway, 'cos it's the summer time and that's what you're supposed to do. 

We stopped at the park for a go on the swings and the big slide and then went home for a little braai. It was wonderfully sunny and hot at home :)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

A small family braai

Lee fancied a little braai this afternoon. He'd made more boerewors and wanted to see if it had turned out well. So the three of us (and bunny) sat ourselves outside and enjoyed the intermittent sunshine.
The boerewors turned out very well! We ate boerewors rolls and some corn on the cob and pap I'd made.

And now here are a hundred photos of Amy playing and eating corn on the cob...