Thursday, 27 November 2014

A big bump

I've been pretty rubbish at documenting being pregnant this time around! So here's a picture of a very big baby bump! (and an even bigger pile of ironing behind me!)

Before bed selfies

I snapped a few selfies with Amy during 'In the Night Garden' yesterday evening. 

The night before had been pretty bad. She's started crying during the night. She'd woken at half past two and I'd been in with her. Then she kept crying every 15 minutes after that. I gave up at 5 o'clock when she'd been whispering 'mommy downstairs' to me. So we went downstairs and had some tea and weetabix and I tried to snooze on the couch while she watched Hippa Hippa Hey on Baby tv and bounced bunny up and down on my head.

So I'm surprised we're both looking pretty happy. As soon as she was in bed though, I crashed hard on the couch. I predict another early night tonight.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Amys birthday celebrations part two

Amy had a second birthday party today at nana and granda's house. More presents, more cake and sweets and lots more fun and excitement. After a lunch of roast beef, Amy went up for a nap in the Micky Mouse bed. The poor little girl was exhausted. After her sleep we had some cake and took a little walk to the shop for more sweeties.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Amy is TWO!

Amy had a little lie in for her birthday, she was up just before seven and we heard her singing 'happy birthday to you' before we went in to her :) After a cup of milk we went downstairs and I had all her presents on the table. She was excited about the balloons and Peppa Pig wrapping paper but her lullaby Iggle Piggle very quickly became the best thing ever.

After Lee came back from his run, we drove over to Funky Monkeys and met with aunty 'nette and James. Joanne, Stevie, Jude and Lucas were in Antrim and joined us there too. Amy got some more presents - an In the Night Garden figurine set with the ninky nonk and a beautiful flower corduroy dress and some tops. 

After Funky Monkeys we went to visit nana in the hospital. We were glad to see her looking well and Amy gave her plenty of hugs and kisses to help her with her healing.
I made Amy's cake last night. It does look like a mommy-made cake, but it tastes nice!
Amy was trying to blow out the candles before Lee had even set the cake down before her.

While Amy had her supper, Lee was upstairs putting together the bunk beds we bought for her. She was squealing with excitement when she went in when they were all assembled. She was swinging from the bars from the top bunk, bouncing up and down, climbing all over it. She's never going to sleep in  there when she thinks it's a jungle gym!

We were going to have Amy's party tomorrow, but it's been postponed to a weekend when nana will be well enough and out of hospital. Amy's birthday celebrations will be just a bit prolonged.