Thursday, 18 December 2014

A few pictures from our day

For the first time in weeks we have all been well. We were up and dressed early, we played with Mega Blocks on her bedroom floor and we listened to music and Amy bopped around and sang along to the songs. We got out of the house and to the shops and we visited at Amy's old nursery. Kelly, Alana and Seanean were all happy to see her and gave her big big hugs. We stayed for a little while and listened to Christmas carols and danced with the other littles. We were rained on coming home, we dried off, had some lunch and Amy napped (briefly). I baked more sugar biscuits and Amy cut out stars in the cookie dough when she woke up. She played in the garden and we dropped off some post at the neighbors. Daddy came home and after a successful dinner, we played in the living room, Amy going nuts jumping around, giggling and dancing. I'm so happy we're all feeling well again!! 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Spirit of Christmas Past at the Ulster Folk Park

Last week we took Amy to the Folk park for some carol singing and to see Father Christmas. We didn't get to sing any carols unfortunately, as both Lee and I are still sick and coughing with dodgy chests. But we made cinnamon toast over an open fire, sampled Christmas pudding, listened to stories from Christmases past and Amy got to post a letter to Father Christmas at the old post office. Father Christmas gave her a little reindeer teddy bear but her favorite thing was the brass band playing Christmas carols. We stood listening to them play for ages, Amy bopping and singing along to the songs she knows :)

Monday, 8 December 2014

We baked sugar biscuits

This morning I had a lovely thought that Amy and I could put on our aprons and make sugar biscuits together. We'd listen to my old Christmas story tellers, sing some songs and mix up some biscuit dough. Amy, however, had other ideas. She wanted me to hold her, she climbed up my leg and pulled at my clothes, she cried and whined and then threw herself on the kitchen floor and cried some more. She didn't want to wear her cute apron, she didn't want to sit up on the counter top and she didn't want to sing.

So Amy put her fluffy toys to sleep on the hallway floor while I made the dough. Later, when she woke up from her own sleep I got my way and she wore her apron and we sang some songs and rolled out some biscuit dough and cut out shapes and there was less crying and whining. Hooray! She got properly in to it and had lots of fun :-)

We made stars, gingerbread men and snowmen, iced them and covered them in sprinkles.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Amy's in her big bed!

This big girl is out of her cot! She spent her first night in her big bed last night and we all had a pretty good nights sleep, which means we're all a lot happier today!! There's still a lot of work that needs done in her new bedroom, but we'll get there, and then I can get cleaning out the nursery and getting ready for the new baby!

This morning, some time after half past six, I found a very sleepy, messy haired little girl standing near the top of the stairs. That was the start of our first day back at home together again. Hooray for (early) maternity leave and (hopefully) all of December and January together before our lives are changed again :)