Monday, 8 December 2014

We baked sugar biscuits

This morning I had a lovely thought that Amy and I could put on our aprons and make sugar biscuits together. We'd listen to my old Christmas story tellers, sing some songs and mix up some biscuit dough. Amy, however, had other ideas. She wanted me to hold her, she climbed up my leg and pulled at my clothes, she cried and whined and then threw herself on the kitchen floor and cried some more. She didn't want to wear her cute apron, she didn't want to sit up on the counter top and she didn't want to sing.

So Amy put her fluffy toys to sleep on the hallway floor while I made the dough. Later, when she woke up from her own sleep I got my way and she wore her apron and we sang some songs and rolled out some biscuit dough and cut out shapes and there was less crying and whining. Hooray! She got properly in to it and had lots of fun :-)

We made stars, gingerbread men and snowmen, iced them and covered them in sprinkles.

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