Friday, 27 February 2015


Amy was very pleased with her art work!

Thomas is a month! (Yesterday)

He's a wee sweetie, smiling and cooing and generally being a little darling. He's wearing his 0-3 growsuits and filling them out already. He's going to be a big boy!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The last few days Thomas has been unsettled, not sleeping well during the day and being a bit cry-y. Thankfully, today he seems to be okay again and I managed to have a bit of time with my bigger baby too. We painted with her water colours and we made cornflake buns and then I put her tent up in her bedroom and we snuggled inside with her pillow and the blanket that granny made and we read lots of stories together.

Thomas gave his first big (non windy) smiles this evening. He's such a little sweetie. He was all smiling and cooing and aahing :)

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Icing biscuits

I remember icing Marie biscuits when I was a wee kiddie, and it was fun. So I got us some sweets and mixed up some icing and Amy and I iced some rich tea biscuits. I think she enjoyed it, I did...and then I ate most of them. Hooray for breastfeeding calories!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Baby Thomas continues to be an absolute sweetie and a delight. He's been more awake and alert these past days and it's so nice to see his big bright eyes! He's been putting on weight nicely and has grown a few good fat rolls! He's already started to 'coo' and 'aah', he's too adorable.

Amy's being such a good big sister. She rushes over to him when he cries and holds his hand, kisses his head and says 'it's okay baby Thomas'. She brings him his cuddly toys and asks if he can play with her Peppa Pig toys. And she tells me to change his 'poo poo' nappies!

Something arty

I've been trying to do something arty or crafty with Amy most days while Thomas naps. Yesterday we painted pasta with poster paints and strung them all up to make a necklace and bracelet. Amy said it was fun to make, but she didn't like the necklace and she gave it to nana. She's a funny little thing!

While I steal a few minutes to update my blog, she's sitting next to me painting with her Peppa Pig paints. Rebecca (Becky) Rabbit is helping her. She's so crazy in to Peppa Pig!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Some pictures from the last 2 weeks

I've had such a good couple of weeks! I was expecting to be moving around in a zombie state, sleep deprived, sore, irritable and anxious, but it's been just the opposite! Thomas sleeps! Lee's paternity leave has been totally different to when he was off with Amy, and I'm so thankful!

So far, Amy doesn't seem to be too put out or affected by us bringing Thomas home, she's been so good. When Thomas first came home, she made it very clear that no one must take away her bunny, but lately she's been giving Thomas her bunny when he cries or is going to sleep. She's such a nice little girl!

On Thursday the health visitor and the midwife came to see us. Thomas was up to 8lb 4oz and they were both very happy with him. They also both commented on Amy and how good her speech is and how funny she is. 

On Sunday we had breakfast at McDonalds. We took Amy to the park in Jordanstown, then all went for a walk on the beach at the lough shore. Then went for another walk on the beach at Crawfordsburn. We stopped at the Cultra Inn for a cup of tea and to feed Thomas, then found a fish and chip shop that was open and ate in the car parked next to the sea. 

Amy & Tom

Thomas was two weeks old yesterday, which means Lee had to go back to work.
Our little Tom is so laid back that we got on just fine, the three of us at the house without daddy. We did miss him, but it was only until lunch time, and then he picked us up and we all went to Ballymena.

Amy held Thomas for the first time this morning. She'd not seemed too interested in holding him before, but I asked her and got a very enthusiastic 'YES!'

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Amy has started paying more attention to her brother. It's so sweet to see her bringing Thomas his bunny, running over to see him if he cries and giving him little kisses on his head.

The midwife and the health visitor were out today and Thomas has regained his birth weight and more and is now 8lb 4oz. They were both very happy with him. They both also commented on Amy and how good her speech is and how funny and full of personality she is. I was a very proud mommy 😀.

We celebrated with another meal out in the city at Pizza Express this evening.

Monday, 2 February 2015

We took the kids to Spur

Lee's still off on leave so we figured we might as well take advantage, so we went out for dinner on a week night ☺.

We loaded up the car and went to Spur in Victoria Square. We dont get out for dinners very often so it was a real treat!

Amy shared my chicken, sweetcorn and chips, and waffle and ice cream! And Thomas slept the whole way through, only waking up when we got home again.

I don't want Lee to have to go back to work again! We're loving having him at home with us ❤