Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Sunday outing to Crawfordsburn

We were up early (as usual) and away to the country park for our breakfast. Lee packed the camping stove, some sausages, eggs and rolls and cooked us our breakfast on a picnic table while Amy and I kicked a ball around the grass and collected sticks. Thomas slept through breakfast (he slept through the whole day). After we'd eaten we walked over to the beach where we built sand castles, dug in the sand and threw stones into the sea. Thomas woke briefly for his milkies, didn't seem too thrilled about being at the seaside and fell back to sleep slumped over my arm while I winded him. We tried out the South African restaurant in Bangor for lunch and then went home and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the glorious sunshine in our garden.

Tom is 2 months (tomorrow)

Where is the time going? It's not just been endless episodes of Peppa Pig, Baby tv and hiding in the kitchen eating Amys treats...

The days are getting a little warmer and less wet and I'm able to take the children outside. It helps make me feel a little more sane if we can get some fresh air, even for a little while.

Our little Thomas is a smiley and content baby, and thank goodness because I couldn't cope with another baby like Amy was. He settles himself to sleep when he's tired, he smiles and coos and the other night he laughed for the first time when Lee tickled him under his chubby little chin.

The health visitor is coming tomorrow so I can see how much weight he's gaining. He's also getting his first set of vaccinations tomorrow.

He's such a pleasant wee boy ❤

Friday, 20 March 2015

Sunny days

We had two sunny days this week! We walked over to the 'park' down the road and blew bubbles and ate wotsits and on the way home Amy had an ice lolly. Spring is here!

Our boy

He's the sweetest and happiest little boy. The last few nights I've put him to bed around half past eight and he sleeps for close on 5 hours, wakes for a small and quick feed and carries on sleeping for another little snack around four o'clock. I'm scared to jinx it but goodness me, I'm finding it a lot easier this time around!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Lee found Amy's ball he kicked over the wall last summer while he was cutting back the brambles, so we had a little game of catch. It was the first day the weather was decent enough to go out into the garden for more than 5 minutes!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

A trip to Whitehead for breakfast

We drove over to whitehead for breakfast. It's such a lovely little place with old fashioned green grocer, butchers and tea shop.