Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Take two - potty training [hell]

I tried eight weeks ago, but it was obvious that Amy was not ready yet. So I thought I'd give it a little while and try again in a few weeks time. Recently she's been taking off her nappy when it's dirty and bringing it to us, sometimes swinging it over her head with a 'look mommy/daddy, poo poos!'. 

The horror.

It seemed she was ready and it was time to give it another go. 

On Monday morning, after three accidents, she sat down and used the potty! Hooray!! My clever child! Monday went well.

On Tuesday we had more accidents and less potty use. In fact, she started to defiantly wee next to the potty after sitting on it for 5 minutes. And also every time I went to get Thomas up from a nap, I'd come back to an 'uh oh' and a wee on the floor.

This morning started off very promising with a poo poo in the potty without me having to remind her or do anything. A breakthrough...success!!



There were no wee wees in the potty and just defiant ones next to it and one next to the toilet too. 

*face palm*

Thomas was crying and wouldn't sleep (or eat for that matter), and Amy was pulling down all the toilet paper and constantly flushing it down the toilet. I ended up smacking her hand for not listening to me repeatedly telling her to stop it, so she was in hysterics, Thomas's cries had gone off the scale so I put a nappy on her. Flip sake.

I'll try again in four weeks or so again when we're home from Portugal.

Flip sake.

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