Saturday, 27 June 2015

Thomas is Five months (and one day)

At five months Thomas can roll over (tummy to his back) and is trying really hard to roll the other way around. He's never quite in the same place on his playmat that I leave him! He's dribbling something terrible and his fists are permanently jammed into his mouth. Teething perhaps? He's a smiley, giggly, dribbly adorable little boy :)
Thomas loves Amy, Incey Wincey Spider, Wind Your Bobbin Up, his giraffe cuddly blankie, Sleepy Bear, dogs, and cuddles with his marmee. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Our Thomas

Porridge face


He's not such a great sleeper any more. It's been a tough and sleep deprived few weeks but we're trying to make some changes. For a start, today he had some porridge, just to rule out possible hunger. And we've not rushed to him the moment he cries in his cot after a silly 30 minute nap. He did two 2-hour naps today and he's asleep for 19:30. So, well see how tonight goes. 

I really don't mind getting up a couple of times in the night to feed him, but on Monday night he broke me. He would not go to sleep. Then he was up 3 times in the night, which is normally fine, but then he got up for the day at 4:50.

We've all I've been pretty tired and irritable. I've been spending most of my days trying to put Thomas down for naps, Amy's been neglected, I'm tired and grumpy and Thomas is cry-y and moany because he keeps waking up after stupid 30 minutes. I've not been able to do anything. 

I've not had any evenings to relax either as I've been having to rock/feed/bounce/pat/jiggle him to sleep. And I know he is capable of putting himself to sleep as he's done it plenty of times before. My wrists hurt, my feet hurt, my hips hurt and my neck is stiff. Goodness me, this motherhood thing is a terribly physical job.

He's lucky he's cute.

Also, our washing machine packed up this week. On the same day that Amy decided she wasn't going to wear her nappy anymore and kept forgetting to sit on the potty. That's another story though. 

A whole lot of very similar looking photos of the babies playing in Amy's room

 Just a normal week day morning in Amy's bedroom.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The park, & Toms first swing

We took the babies to the park. Amy mastered her scooter after only the second go on it and Thomas got his first sit on the swing. He seemed more impressed by Sophie dog, and laughed and laughed at her barking.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Algarve family holiday - a photo dump

We're just home from 8 days in Albufeira. We had a wonderful time away, the weather was hot, the babies had fun and we even had a few evenings sitting on our balcony after Amy and Tom went to bed. A holiday success!!

 A passerby commented that Amy was just too adorable. We agree!
 We lunched at Casa da Fonte 3 times. Piri piri chicken and Portuguese styled steaks :) 
Our last meal at the snack bar across from our hotel. We kept going back, the food was the best! More piri piri chicken!
 The old town

 Amy loved the beach. She shrieked and laughed and giggled as the waves crashed and washed her up on to the sand. 'Again! Again!!'

 Amy reading 'What Small Rabbit Heard' She has the book memorized.
 The view from our balcony 

 Tom enjoyed the baby pool and kicked and splashed, then had a nap.

Amy really really wanted the inflatable turtle and immediately he was called Tiddles. Tiddles had to sleep next to her every night. 'I love you so much Tiddles'

 Dinosaurs- Rawr!!