Monday, 10 August 2015

A day with 2.5 year old Amy and 6 month Tom

The other day I was wondering what our daily routine looked like when Amy was a baby and I was glad I'd blogged it when she was around 8 months. We've fallen into a pretty similar sort of routine with Thomas.

Today was pretty stormy so we we just hung around the house and maybe spent 20 minutes in the garden when the sun came out for a little while.

Lunch time! Today it was fish fingers, garlic bread and avocado on the side.
She loves her brother really...but I did have to bribe her with a chocolate milk to get her to give him a cuddle.
Tom loves Amy
Packing away toys before getting ready for bed
All ready for bed
'Oh Toodles...' Mickey Mouse themed art this morning
Just up from his morning nap
'mommy, little boy is awake!'

Brunch/snack - this morning French toast, banana and strawberry for Amy.

Thomas also tried some French toast and banana 

Our day usually starts any time between 6:00 and 7:00. Sometimes 5:30!
Amy is usually up first, she comes in to our room and climbs over me to Lee and asks for a cup of milk. She plays in her room (for a little while) while Lee gets himself ready for work and I sleep/pretend to sleep. Tom wakes up and Lee brings him in to me and my day starts.

Lee makes us breakfast. Usually eggs and toast and recently porridge with mixed berries.We all eat together, Lee cleans up the breakfast things and we say goodbye and wave him off to work at the front window.

We go upstairs and Amy plays in her room while I get Thomas ready for his morning nap. I feed him and we sit in the rocking chair until he's ready for his sleep. Once he's in bed, Amy has a bath, gets dressed and goes downstairs for some telly (recently Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) while I get a shower, get dressed, and put on a load of washing.

Amy plays with her toys/we do some painting/colouring in/playdoh/puzzles or if it's nice/dry play outside.

Thomas wakes up between 10:00 and 10:30. He gets dressed and gets some porridge/fruit or toast. We go for a walk to the shops if it's not raining. It gets us out of the house for a while. We walk past her old nursery and we wave at the ladies who work there and Amy tries to hide behind my legs.

We go home and I make lunch for Amy. Once she's finished eating, I take Tom back up to bed. Amy gets to watch another half hour of tv and I might get a cup of tea and call my marmee or chat to Yvonne on the phone. Or I'll start cooking dinner.

I read a few stories to Amy and we play for a while in the living room with her blocks or puzzles or she uses me as a climbing frame and demands horsey rides.

Lee comes home around half past four and we have dinner.

Thomas goes to bed at 6 o'clock and Amy is in bed for 7 o'clock.

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