Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A wee weekend away in Dunfanaghy

We left the children in Ballymena on Friday morning and drove to Co. Donegal. Check in wasn't until 4pm so we booked in to the spa at the Shandon Hotel at Marble Hill. We had the place to ourselves and sat in the outdoor hot tub over looking the beach and the sheep dotted hills.
We just relaxed. Lots of walks on the beach, pottering about in the town and hotel breakfasts, lunches out and good dinners with wine. 
We certainly needed a little break. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Jo Jingles concert

We (me, Lee, nana and Tom) went to see Amy and the other nursery children in their first concert at the school this morning! I was more nervous than Amy was. I was worried she wouldn't come in, worried she would try to run off and hide, or run to us if she saw us. But she did wonderfully! She did everything (mostly) what she was supposed to. She listened so well and kind of danced and sang and jingled her bells with everyone else. Afterwards nana took us to McDonalds for our lunch and took us home again. What a fun morning out :)

Monday, 5 December 2016

Festive Folk Park

We visited the folk park yesterday. Amy and I made a reed star and an orange and clove decoration. We went in to see Father Christmas, but Amy was having none of it. She refused to come in to the room and preferred to cower beside the parked buggy and some lanterns instead. Oh well, we left pretty fast. Tom didn't seem impressed either. 
We warmed ourselves for a fire and tasted some fruit loaf in a few of the little houses. Amy wrote a letter to Father Christmas and popped it in the post box. Tom liked the horses.
Lots of festive fun...

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


We went over to Cavehill from the upper hightown road entrance. It was a beautiful morning for a walk. Amy ran ahead and crunched the leaves on the path and stuffed Toms coat hood with them. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Amys 4th birthday

She was up at 5:30 standing in our doorway and asking quietly if it was her birthday today. We went downstairs to open the pile of presents on the table. Her excitement was through the roof. 
We spent the morning playing with her new toys and watching Disney movies. Amys friend Evelyn and her sister Amelie came over to play and brought a present and some cards they had made.
Nana and granda came over in the afternoon with more presents and sweets and then aunty Janette, uncle Shane and James came over as a surprise on the way back from their holiday. 

She was exhausted by the time everyone left. And we're doing it all again on Sunday!