Sunday, 31 January 2016

Toms 1st birthday party at nana and grandas house

We spent the weekend in Ballymena. Aunty Kerri was home from Bristol for grandas birthday. 
Amy went to go play at James' house in the morning and aunty 'nette and uncle Shane brought her and James home for the party. Lee and I got to go out to Frankie and Benny's for a coffee which turned in to a breakfast for me :)

Lee cooked some pizzas and chicken strips, chips and made a salad. Nana went through the McDonalds drive through for a chicken nugget sharebox. 

We played pass the parcel and ate some cake and sang happy birthday and Amy and James just went nuts all day long. Tom fell asleep coming home. Amy passed out pretty quickly once she got in to bed too. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Toms 1st birthday

Tom has a bit of a cold, poor boy. He woke a lot during the night last night and was a little bit tired and grumpy on his first birthday. Amy went in to his room in the morning to say happy birthday. She was pretty excited. She wanted to help him open his presents and help me to decorate his cake. I baked a trial cake, but then got carried away and properly iced and decorated it. So now I have to do it all again for Sunday when we have a small family birthday party in Ballymena.

Tom liked playing with the wrapping paper and he liked his Mega Bloks too. 
We went to the baby and toddler group in the village hall and then we went home for his nap. 

Happy birthday Little Boy!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Nana came over to take us to get Toms feet measured for his first pair of pre-walker shoes for his birthday next week. He seemed pretty pleased with them :)
I went to investigate why she was being so quiet and found her reading on her bed.
She's loving Lightening McQueen. I bought her a Cars colouring in book.
Walking home from the baby and toddler group 

Friday, 15 January 2016


We woke up to snow this morning. Woke up...well, we'd hardly been sleeping really. Thomas had been up throughout the night. The last waking was at four and then Amy came through at six and turned on our light announcing it was wakey wakey time. I wanted to cry a little bit. Anyway, snow...
We had our breakfast, threw on some warm clothes and went outside. Tom thought the snow was pretty funny. It wore off pretty quickly and he wanted to go for his nap. 

We made a (pretty ugly) snowman and a little boy from across the road helped to bring us sticks for his arms. He was so excited to be having a snow day too. His mommy stopped to chat with us for a minute before going on to finish off their (three!) snowmen they were making.

We lunched on garlic bread and fish fingers dipped in a bowl of creamy tomato soup and Amy agreed that it was the happiest day of the year so far :)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

James comes to play!

Amy loves her cousin! She was so excited when I told her he'd be coming over to play today while nana took granda to his hospital appointment. The built a massive blanket house/tent in the living room and spent most of the afternoon playing in that. They did some painting (maybe thirty seconds!) and they watched some Blaze and the Monster Machines while munching teddy bear crisps and sweeties James brought with him.
It was a crazy house today!