Friday, 15 January 2016


We woke up to snow this morning. Woke up...well, we'd hardly been sleeping really. Thomas had been up throughout the night. The last waking was at four and then Amy came through at six and turned on our light announcing it was wakey wakey time. I wanted to cry a little bit. Anyway, snow...
We had our breakfast, threw on some warm clothes and went outside. Tom thought the snow was pretty funny. It wore off pretty quickly and he wanted to go for his nap. 

We made a (pretty ugly) snowman and a little boy from across the road helped to bring us sticks for his arms. He was so excited to be having a snow day too. His mommy stopped to chat with us for a minute before going on to finish off their (three!) snowmen they were making.

We lunched on garlic bread and fish fingers dipped in a bowl of creamy tomato soup and Amy agreed that it was the happiest day of the year so far :)

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