Monday, 21 March 2016

I drove us over to Ballintoy on Sunday. Granda is back in his regular spot at the harbour doing his paintings. Amy was playing on the beach with nana, throwing stones in to the water, making sand castles and filling up the moat. She was having too much fun to leave, so Lee, Tom and I went to Bushmills and had a little lunch. When we got back aunty 'nette and James had arrived.
Tom likes a digestive biscuit :)
One day this week while Tom napped and Amy was watching her Blaze and the Monster Machines on telly, I snuck out in to the garden with a cup of tea and my Unmumsy Mum book I got for mother's day. The sun was shining, it was cold enough, but the sun shone and I didn't want to miss it. Amy found me after I'd read a couple of pages. She ran back in to the house and brought back a few books and the two of us sat in the sun and read our books. It was a nice moment :)

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