Friday, 4 March 2016


The children shared their germs and I've got a cold now too.
We'll be having a couple of quiet days in the house I think.
Amy's been watching far too much Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
She got her preschool injections yesterday. We told her if she was brave, we'd take her to the toy shop and she could choose a toy. 
She wasn't very brave. She tried to run out of the doctors office. She cried and she yelled. I had to restrain her while the nurse gave her the injections. Afterwards she said she didn't really feel it. 
She just likes to be dramatic. 
We went to Toys 'r Us anyway and she chose a big Rubble in his vehicle and Everest and Rocky. She's a big Paw Patrol fan. 
I couldn't convince her to leave her new toys long enough to get in the bath, so she went to bed unwashed. 

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