Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Summer's almost gone

Life is about to change. Next week Amy starts nursery! We've had a pretty good few months. We've fallen in to a good routine here. Before it all changes and I forget these times, I'll just document it. I know we're pretty boring, but I quite like it that way...

Tom has finally started sleeping through the night (at 18 months!)
He has, however, been waking at five 
o'clock and refusing to go back to sleep even though he is obviously tired! I take him downstairs and we read some stories and I make tea and he plays with some toys. 

Amy gets up around half past six and has a cup of milk and plays with Tom while Lee makes us scrambled eggs and toast. Tom has toast and porridge.
Lee leaves for work at half past seven and we go upstairs to get cleaned up and dressed. 
We play in Amy's room and listen to Storytellers.
Some mornings if it's not raining we go out to the park and the library.
On Tuesdays we go to play group or have a play date with Amy and Toms friends Harrison and Iona.
On Wednesdays nana and James visit and we go to the park or Funky Monkeys or just the shopping center. 
Most days we go for a walk to Tesco. Amy likes walking along the low walls and running up the embankments. 
We have a snack around 10 o'clock and a cup of tea/milk. Some fruit or yogurt, mini cheddars, or an oat crunchie if I've baked.
Thomas has been napping from 11 o'clock until 2 o'clock! While Tom sleeps, Amy and I do crafts/painting/colouring in. Sometimes I take her out on her bike (baby monitor in my pocket). She plays in the garden while I tidy/prepare something for dinner. She watches a few shows on tv.
Lunch is usually a cheese sandwich/leftovers or the kids favorite, twirly-wirly pasta with peas and grated cheese.
Lee is usually home before five. We finish off making dinner and eat together. The children play a while longer while we tidy up. I take them upstairs around six o'clock and they have a bath (not every night!) then in to 'jammies. Lee's been reading Toms stories and I've been reading Amy's. 
Amy and I talk for a while after stories. Bedtime is any time between half past six and seven (depending on the day we've had)
We always go somewhere on the weekend. Mostly the park, or to St Georges Market. Lee's been taking us for fish and chips and parking by the beach to eat it in the car, then a long walk (as long a walk as you can do with Amy).

Next week Amy will be settling in to nursery for just an hour every day. I will stay with her for the first day or two, then I have to leave. She's definitely ready and I think she will enjoy it (eventually).

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Barrys, Portrush

We got the train from Antrim to Portrush last Wednesday. The kids loved the train! Nana treated us to a day at Barry's. It was a wet and windy day, but we made the most of it and had fun anyway. 


I turned my back for a minute!