Saturday, 24 September 2016


The evenings and nights are finally cold enough to put Tom in his fleecy onesy aunty Yvonne gave him at the beginning of the year :)

Daddy no yike a poke in the eye!
He loves this pink Megabloks car :)

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Amy starts preschool

On Tuesday Amy started preschool. I had to stay with her for the hour and she played happily. On Wednesday morning I dropped her off and she went in with her teacher without too much trouble. She was a bit upset half way through and her and the teacher drew a picture of a flower for me. On Thursday she didn't want to go in and had a bit of a sit down protest, but her teacher distracted her, and she went in. On Friday she tried to turn around and run and wailed about not wanting to go to preschool.

Oh dear. My child is just like me.

She's only been in for an hour every day and the same again this week. I've been going across the road to the park with Tom while we wait for her to finish at school. She'd be livid if she knew!

She seems happy enough when I pick her up. She says she's been talking to a girl with plaits and a bigger boy. She was happy about some Bob the Builder toys. I think she'll be okay...