Monday, 20 February 2017

Sunday at the seaside in Newcastle!

We were going to a childrens event at the museum in Downpatrick, but we got there too early and had some time to kill. Lee drove us over to Newcastle and took the kids out on the beach. Tom loved throwing stones into the water and Amy was making tracks in the sand with her new Paw Patrol toy Tracker! 
We had a picnic lunch in the car, tuna sandwiches, nectarines, bananas and chocolate chickens!  
We went back to the museum which was open and had a nosey about. They both liked the noisy musical instrument room and played with the magnetic shapes for a good while. 
Amy went about with a spy glass looking for items in the museum from her clues she was given. 
She liked playing with a big toy castle. 
Such a fun day ☺

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