Monday, 29 May 2017

Little butterfly

Amy wanted her face painted for the first time on the weekend! She asked to be a butterfly and she sat really nicely to get it done. She was so pleased with it :)

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Preschool sports day!

She did really well! And she had fun too!
It was so cute watching them all race, bounce a ball, go through the obstacle course and bounce with bean bags!
Nana and daddy came to watch too.
She got out of school once they'd all got their medals and nana took us for ice creams and to the park before needing to go back to Ballymena to get James.
We spent the rest of the day in the garden with the paddling pool and ice pops.
It feels like summer.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Nursery days...

Before Amys preschool days are behind us, I wanted to do a 'typical day' post.
Preschool breaks up on the 30th of June for the summer holidays. That's just over a month left of nursery!

Amy goes to preschool every week day for 2 and a half hours.
We get up around 6 o'clock with Tom. Amy's been sleeping in until half past seven most mornings.
Lee makes us scrambled eggs and toast every morning then goes to work.
Story time!
I take Amy to school for 8:50.
I take Tom to the park/for a walk/to the library/visit friends/to Tesco. We go home and play and have a story.
Amy needs picked up for 11:20.
The children run around the front of the school grounds for a while and I chat with Sarah.
We go home for lunch and Tom goes for a nap.
Amy plays for a while and I do some work in the house.
I play with Amy for a while. We do some jigsaws/crafts/play in the garden/stories.
I waken Tom at three if he hasn't already woken up.
The children play for a while/they get to watch some tv and I start dinner.
Lee comes home and we eat.
The children go upstairs at six to start getting ready for bed.
Bath/stories/songs (currently rainbow related)/snuggles and bed for seven.