Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Nursery days...

Before Amys preschool days are behind us, I wanted to do a 'typical day' post.
Preschool breaks up on the 30th of June for the summer holidays. That's just over a month left of nursery!

Amy goes to preschool every week day for 2 and a half hours.
We get up around 6 o'clock with Tom. Amy's been sleeping in until half past seven most mornings.
Lee makes us scrambled eggs and toast every morning then goes to work.
Story time!
I take Amy to school for 8:50.
I take Tom to the park/for a walk/to the library/visit friends/to Tesco. We go home and play and have a story.
Amy needs picked up for 11:20.
The children run around the front of the school grounds for a while and I chat with Sarah.
We go home for lunch and Tom goes for a nap.
Amy plays for a while and I do some work in the house.
I play with Amy for a while. We do some jigsaws/crafts/play in the garden/stories.
I waken Tom at three if he hasn't already woken up.
The children play for a while/they get to watch some tv and I start dinner.
Lee comes home and we eat.
The children go upstairs at six to start getting ready for bed.
Bath/stories/songs (currently rainbow related)/snuggles and bed for seven.

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