Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mornings with Tom

Now that Amy is in school until 2pm every day, Tom and I have a bit of time, just the two of us together.

We're getting a pretty good routine to our mornings. There's rhythm and rhyme at the library and the park next door. Tom enjoys a good turn about Tesco with an apple in the trolley. There's Eco Toddlers at the soft play at the leisure centre...they get use of the soft play and get to dig and plant things in their garden on nice days, or on rainy days do a craft indoors. 

And the Valley park. We do love the Valley park with it's nice pathways for Toms motorbike, the ducks and swans and big playground. I'm hoping for a few more weeks of pleasant morning walks before it gets too cold.

Tom has had to move his nap earlier. He's now going for a nap just before 12 and I'm waking him at half past one to get ready to get Amy at two.

So for now, I'm getting a bit of quiet mid day :)

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