Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Tom at Three

Three is a great age!
Tom is so funny and sweet and affectionate.
We're still having some trouble getting him to put all his wees and poos in the toilet so I tried getting him some cool new dinosaur pants in the hope it would make him more interested in keeping them dry. I told him not to wee on the dinosaur as it would make him cross! So he says 'The dinosaur would be cross and eat me all up and there would be nothing left for you to cuddle!'

Tom is obsessed with the postman in his postman van and...hand dryers in public toilets.

We've become hand dryer tourists and regularly discuss the location of the best hand dryers in the Newtownabbey area...
'The library has a hand dryer, doesn't it mommy?' 'We can only use the hand dryer if we put a wee in the toilet, hey mommy?' If we use the pink toilet at Fun Works, we can use the hand dryer there?' 'The big toilet at Fun Works didn't have a hand dryer mommy'. 'The hand dryer at the park wasn't working that time we went mommy!' 'Does Amy's football have a hand dryer?' 'Playzone has lots of hand dryers in the ladies toilet!' 'We don't have a hand dryer at home, do we mommy?'

He's so funny.

He gives the best and the tightest hugs and squeezes.
He still loves Peppa Pig and Blaze and the Monster Machines. He loves poking puddles and ice with a stick. He loves his ride on motor bike. He loves the park! Every day after dropping Amy off to school he begs to go to the park. He loves outside!

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