Wednesday, 25 April 2018


We had a couple of days of decent(ish) weather. We got to spent loads of time outside. In the garden, the park, Ballintoy and Portrush.

 Amy helped to plant some trees at her school to celebrate the schools 50th birthday.

Tom planted some pea plants at Playzone eco tots.

 Nana and James visited and it was sunny so we took the children to the park. 

We surprised the children with a trip to Ballintoy to see nana and granda in the van, and then on to Barrys in Portrush! They had so much fun running up and down the sand dunes and scampering over (perilous) rocks.
 Tom enjoyed second breakfast in the garden while rocking Amy's spiderman sunglasses :)

 Tom and I planted some sunflower seeds!

In other 'news' I put diesel in my car for the first time. I've lived here for nearly 10 years and not once has the need ever arisen for me to pump fuel. I was pretty nervous, but I did it! In other 'firsts', I went through a McDonalds drive through with Tom for an ice cream and managed that just fine too. I felt (almost) like a real adult :D

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