A bit of background

Hello! I'm Karen, but for whatever reason, family and friends started calling me Kate. It stuck. 

I started this blog just before I came over to this United Kingdom. It was meant to document my travels here, somewhere to put my photos and let anyone who was interested see what I was up to. I'm amazed that anyone takes the time to read this. (Thanks mum)

Right, background:

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. We lived there for my first six years, moving all over the Cape before doing the trek up to Johannesburg.

This is my mom & dad, probably in the late seventies.

Me and Yvonne in Cape Town, early eighties

Angry teen
My childhood was uneventful, as were my teenage years (but I wouldn't want to write about that). By the time I was nineteen, most of my closest friends had moved to the UK and I knew I would have to follow. Especially after holidaying in England, Scotland and Wales when I was twenty two and twenty three. I was just more delayed and made my move at twenty six. It was only meant to be a two year move, however, plans change. But that bits on the 'our story' tab.

So, I came to the UK on a working holiday visa. It was half way through 2008. I spent time with friends, I travelled, I made bad choices, I worked, I holidayed and I took too many photos. 

I've had the best time of my life.

It's only going to get better...