Thursday, 27 October 2011

European Ballet - The Nutcracker at the Braid

I've been wanting to go to the ballet for ages, regularly checking the Grand Opera House website the whole year to no avail. So when I found the events guide for the Braid lying on the canteen table, I pounced on it with glee, which turned to even more joy when I found the European Ballet was doing the Nutcracker in October. So last night pretty much all the female members of the family, divided into a few cars arrived at the Braid for the festivities. 

All I've ever known about The Nutcracker was learned from my old Christmas Story Tellers I had when I was a kid, which turned out to be really accurate as far as the story line went. I wasn't disappointed at all, and the European Ballet People had a lot of living up to do to those old Story Tellers. Tchaikovsky too, can never disappoint. I love him.

I took these few sneaky photos, which weren't easy in a darkened room and moving dancers. They wouldn't keep still for long enough for me. I took some video clips too. 

I'm sad that no where teaches ballet to over 18 year olds. My ballet days are long behind me. If I ever have a daughter, she shall do ballet and I shall live vicariously though her. 

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