Sunday, 23 October 2011

South of France - Part One...and a billion photos

We're back from a week in France. It was absolute heaven. I took too many photographs and now I don't know where to start. So I've chosen some from around the house from the first couple of days of glorious sunshine.
This is les fontanelles, the house we stayed in, near Cordes-sur-Ciel. Our hosts greeted us on our terrace with a bottle of their bubbly and some snacks and chatted a while. Kalle & Anke were great hosts, and nothing was too much trouble. We were their last guests before they were heading back to Hamburg for the winter.
The first few days were HOT but the pool was COLD. It didn't stop us from spending hours in it. It'd have been a shame not to make use of it.
Aidan and Carri-Ann 

We bought supplies from the Super Marche in Gaillic. Toulouse sausage looks (and tastes) like boerewors! So we had a braai instead of a barbeque :)

Lee was being dangerous lying on the edge of the pool

We parked the car at the bottom of Cordes and walked up through the town to the bakery. We bought our supplies of pastries and bread.
Beautiful and delicious pastries! 
In the evenings when we weren't eating out in restaurants we ate cheese and baguettes, grapes and pate. 
And drank wine, lots of lovely local wine.
That was the first day or two. The sun shone brilliantly and we ate and drank and lazed on the terrace with more wine and more food. But the food will need an entry of it's own. I went on holiday with a chef and Lee who loves food and loves to cook too, and we were in France where there is a michellin starred restaurant in pretty much every town and village. We ate well.


  1. Oh wow it looks so lovely there! Fab weather as well :)

  2. It was so beautiful...ah and the weather for the first few days was wonderful. But then it got cold :(