Monday, 28 November 2011

England festivities

I left work early on Friday to head to the airport for England. Leannes mum, Tania and Elise picked us up at Luton. 
This was the first weekend Lee and I have gone our separate ways. While I spent time in Milton Keynes with Leanne drinking many cups of tea, chatting, giggling, catching up and watching an Ann Widdecombe interview/documentary, Lee was off in Stoke watching the football with Craig and wee James, drinking ale and helping them put up their Christmas tree.

The annual switch on ceremony and children's lantern parade was on in Stony Stratford. Leanne and I were wrapped up warm while we stood watching the dancers and browsed around the vintage and handmade fair. As soon as it started to get dark, the crowd that had gathered outside York House started their parade down to the market square.

We followed the parade down to the market square and waited through the countdown and the switching on of the lights. As soon as they came on, we legged it back to the car and back towards the city centre for some Chinese for our dinner and then went over to the MK Theatre to watch Scrooge. We had so much fun at the theatre, the show was excellent with lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' from the audience and ginger and honey ice cream in the interval, double-sided mirror tricks, singing and dancing (who'd have imagined Scrooge as a musical?) and plenty of festivities.

Sunday morning, after sitting in ours in our pyjamas and drinking cups of tea for hours, we dressed ourselves and took a 2 hour walk along the canal passed Great Linford, then back again to her house. Just in time for a sandwich, more tea, some apple pie...and then Lee and Craig were with us and we were back to the airport again. The weekend went by in a flash.

It's always nice to be in Milton Keynes with my friends again.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend!!! I would love to see Scrooge - sounds fun :)

  2. Scrooge was really good!! One of the best shows I've seen so far!