Monday, 14 November 2011

Rest in Peace Benny boy

Today was a sad one. Ben hadn't been doing well. He's not been responding to his insulin, he'd stopped eating but seemed to be getting fatter. Yesterday after his trip to the seaside he couldn't get out of the car again. 

He went to the vet today. 

Not only did he have diabetes, but there was cancer too and he had to be put down.

He was a good boy x



  1. We've had two dogs that have had to be put down because of cancer. He looks like he was an old dog though and I bet you and your family gave him lots of love.

    We had another dog with cancer that we didn't have put down and it's an experience I'd never put another animal through. It might seem proper sudden that you had a dog one minute and not the next, but you know he didn't have to suffer TOO much.

    My love goes out to you x

  2. Thanks Joanna. He was old and he had a good life with lots of love. He was part of the family. But it was the best thing for him, he was only getting worse. Poor boy.

  3. Awww so sorry to hear this, esp after my latest post about Sylvester - all I can say is at least he didn't suffer too much at the end... Hugs xoxox

  4. Really sorry to hear that Ben has passed on. Glad he had a good life though and at least he didn't suffer.

    And as they say, every end is a new beginning.

  5. Thanks for your comments! I hope that he didn't have to suffer too much.