Monday, 7 November 2011

Sundays at the seaside

Aaah...Sunday morning lie-ins are so good. It's been a while since we just stayed in bed and kept on snoozing. We still got up in time to join the rest of the family on a drive out to Cushendun for our breakfast at Theresas Tea Room. The frys there are enormous. Not a lot beats a big fry and a cup of tea followed by a walk on a chilly beach.

Next stop was Carnlough for a stop in at the Mace for some ginger beer. We took a wee walk about while we were there. I always enjoy a stop in Carnlough. I can never go there without thinking of that first time there, tired and weary, slightly remorseful...cold...and how I'm now there with a husband and extra family. That always makes me happy.

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