Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The first of the real snow this winter!

 I woke up to a white world this morning. This is the view from our bedroom window:
Tina loves the snow, it was impossible to get her back in the house again.

I've been loving lying in bed and looking out at the snowy roof tops. The snow is so much nicer when you don't have to go out to work. I've been recovering after a minor operation this week, hence the not going out to work bit. As much as I'd like to be outside playing with Tina in the snow, I'm still kind of light headed and afraid of busting a few stitches; so I'm enjoying it from the cosiness of my bed, while my cup of tea gets topped up and little mini cakes and blocks of chocolate make their way to my bedside. I'm never going to lose any weight at this rate. Ah well!


  1. Hope your 100% better soon! Lovely to see the snow, I wish we had some too - makes it so much more Christmassy!

  2. Thanks Nic :) I'm sure the snow will make it's way over to you soon too! It is awfully festive over here!

  3. Hi katie, i found your blog after looking for pics of filthy mcnastys! been following for a few weeks now and thought id say hi so i didnt feel so much like a stalker lol we live just out past lisburn so its nice to read a local blog for a change... anyway hope your better soon :)

  4. Hi Astra, thanks and welcome to my blog! I'm following you now too :) I always enjoy the local blogs too :)