Sunday, 18 December 2011

Holidays are coming...

...but it's back to work for me tomorrow. 

All I've done this past week is lie in bed, lie on the couch, sit half propped up on the couch and faint and throw up in coffee shops. I missed my work Christmas lunch at the Blackstone on Friday too :( 

Anaesthetic is pretty rough.

On Thursday Lee's mom thought we'd 'test' if I was ready to leave the house since I was feeling so well. I got dressed and we went out to Montgomery's in the town. I think it was a combination of the lift, the bright lights and the noise but as soon as we stepped out of the lift I just got so light-headed. Anyway, I ended up throwing up my cup of tea outside the toilets 'cos two daft women refused to stop blocking the door and let me through. I'm regretting turning away and not aiming for their shoes.

I could have hidden in that bathroom for the rest of the day, only coming out when everyone had left.
I thought I'd spare you a photo of the actual cuts. It looks like I have a spider nesting in my belly button. It's kind of creepy.

We 'tested' again today, and with better results. We bought supplies to make mince pies and the last of the Christmas things too. So this week I can do some more relaxing, some baking and hopefully a bit of feeling festive. 

I've totally been milking it for all the fussing and attention I've had. My lovely husband won't let me do a thing for fear of damaging myself further and I've been enjoying it a whole lot....


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