Monday, 5 December 2011

A letter to my sixteen year old self

I've seen a few of these letters, and then I stumbled across 'Dear Me' and thought I'd write my 16 year old self a wee note too. 

Dear Me

Don't dye your hair black. If you really must, know that you're going to need more than one box if you insist on dying it yourself at're going to end up with blotchy ends and it's not a good look.

Hope is in sight. In six years from now, you'll travel to England. The salons in England sell GHDs. This will change your life forever. It'll still be years before they're sold in South Africa. It will be totally worth blowing most of your holiday spending money on them.

Don't kid yourself. You'll never be a rock star. You don't really need that electric guitar...the acoustic one is fine. Also, don't lend it to your friends, you'll get it back 3 years later in much worse condition than you lent it out in.

You'll get over that Smashing Pumpkins phase. You won't grow up to marry Billy Corgan, and it's just as well, 'cos he's really whine-y and not at all your type. You'll come out of the Marilyn Manson phase relatively unscathed too. But don't use black lipstick. No one can pull off that look, and with your thin lips and big teeth...oh gosh, just don't ok?

You know that boy you'll spend the better part of your teenage years (and then your twenties) pining over?...Not a great idea. Years will go're going to embarrass yourself. Really, nip it in the bud, concentrate on your school work instead. You could have had A's in everything if you'd redirect your attention.

Decide to go to university. It won't matter if you'll never use that degree in English literature or Ancient History.

In a couple of months your best friends are going to move away. You're going to be heart broken and cry a lot. You shouldn't be so sad, you'll see them again. Instead of being so miserable, maybe consider making some more friends...if you tried smiling every so often and actually talking to people...

In years to come, people will compliment you on your good skin and nice smile. So don't be so worried about how you look. Anyway, you're not going to grow out of your 'gawky' phase any time soon, so you might as well just relax. You know you're far too self absorbed.

Forget the insults and remember the compliments.

You won't need to see a psychologist. You know everything she's going to tell you. For free.

There're many many things I can tell/warn you about but then I might not be where I am now, and I'm pretty damn content here. You wouldn't listen anyway.

And while I'm at it, is that all you're eating??
You wont pick up a kilogram of fat until you're in your twenties, eat while you can!!


  1. Aww this is fab! I wouldn't dare do one of these for myself lol.. PS - I used to love The Smashing Pumpkins too (still do a tiny bit!!) x

  2. Haha! I'd love to see it if you did! The Pumpkins are still great ;)