Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Our festive baking

Mince pies were always a tradition in our family growing up. Every year in December, my mom, my sister and I would form a mince pie production line in our kitchen. One of us to roll out and cut the pastry, one to spoon in the filling and one to top and egg the pies. We were making them way before we could even reach the kitchen counter tops and had to stand on a bench or stool. It's kind of not Christmas if we haven't made mince pies.

This year we added some sour cherries from the Continental Market, some dates, brandy, cherry liqueur, orange zest and juice, ginger and cinnamon to a jar of shop bought fruit mince. It gives them an extra kick and they're really really tasty!
Lee made these beautiful dark chocolate macaroons yesterday. Remember the last time we tried to make macaroons back in March? Well these turned out a whole lot better!! They're delicious too :)

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