Saturday, 31 December 2011

What came of my 2011 resolutions.

In the beginning of 2011 I made my customary resolutions. I certainly wasn't setting myself much of a challenge for the year and yet I still managed to fare...fairly badly really.

In 2011 I had resolved to read more books. Again, my netbook and my google reader dominated. I did read a few good books though. Just not nearly enough.

I wanted to learn about photography. I took a look of photographs, not necessarily good ones... but I didn't learn a thing about improving them.

I wanted to go to aerobics every week. I did up until June. But then we came back from holiday to a very unwell mother-in-law and I certainly wasn't going to go to a keep fit class by myself.

I wanted to convert my South African driving licence to a Northern Irish one. I also wanted to get all our paper work in order. I did that! We still don't have a great filing system, but I'm allowed to drive again.

I was going to calm down and stop over analysing everything. I think I did better this year and although I wasn't totally zen, I wasn't driving myself (and Lee) insane regularly.

I was going to spend less time on Facebook. Failed.

I wanted to be cheap thrifty so we could save up for our first house. We're on track!

And I wanted to wear more hats. What sort of a resolution is that? 

So for this year I'm going to try and make some better resolutions, some more inspiring ones, maybe.


  1. Haha thanks for the link! You didn't do so badly you know! Sometimes you have to realise that life gets in the way. Wear more hats is a fab resolution lol..! :) All the best for 2012 :) xxxxx

  2. All the best to you too for 2012. Maybe I'll get to wearing more hats this year!