Monday, 20 February 2012

The first few days in South Africa - The Lion Park

Our holiday started just over three weeks ago. It started in Dublin and an early morning flight to London Heathrow, and then the whole day at the airport (thanks Virgin for keeping on moving our flights further and further apart). We ended up having a really good day at Heathrow, that's when we realized we've not been getting out too much lately! We ate and drank and chatted and entertained ourselves until our night time flight was ready to board.

We arrived in Alberton late on Sunday morning and were greeted by my parents and even more enthusiastically by Nushka our (sort of) Bull Terrier, who attacked me with excitement. 

My mom had prepared some light lunch for us, we ate and forced ourselves to stay awake until a decent bed time hour. That Sunday went by in a bit of a sleepy hazy and happy blur. 

In that first week we spent a lot of time just chilling around the house with my family, sitting outside in the lapa, braaing, playing with the dogs, sunning ourselves, playing darts, drinking milkshakes, walking around the shopping centre and catching up lots.
One of the first days, Lee, my mom and I took a drive through to the Lion Park. We went there on our first trip to South Africa in 2009, but we enjoyed this trip even more! I also took a whole lot more photos, if you can be bothered to go through just a small random selection of them...
It was such a hot day, so we (tried to) cool down with a milkshake at the restaurant before heading off back home to flop into a chair in the lapa in front of the fan with a ginger beer. Yoh, that day at the lion park seems like it was so long ago already.

PS. Come back for updated photos from Lee's iPhone and the Instagram ones too.


  1. Oh wow the lion park looks amazing, I would sooo love it there!!!! PS - I like hanging about in airports too hehe xx

    1. We love the lion park. Do you watch Wild at Heart on Sundays? It was set in the same park a few weeks ago :)