Thursday, 18 December 2014

A few pictures from our day

For the first time in weeks we have all been well. We were up and dressed early, we played with Mega Blocks on her bedroom floor and we listened to music and Amy bopped around and sang along to the songs. We got out of the house and to the shops and we visited at Amy's old nursery. Kelly, Alana and Seanean were all happy to see her and gave her big big hugs. We stayed for a little while and listened to Christmas carols and danced with the other littles. We were rained on coming home, we dried off, had some lunch and Amy napped (briefly). I baked more sugar biscuits and Amy cut out stars in the cookie dough when she woke up. She played in the garden and we dropped off some post at the neighbors. Daddy came home and after a successful dinner, we played in the living room, Amy going nuts jumping around, giggling and dancing. I'm so happy we're all feeling well again!! 

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