Friday, 16 January 2015

Our snowy day

We got wrapped up really warm and went outside. I think it's the first day this week we've ventured to the great outdoors!! It's been so cold and so windy, you'd blow away. So windy in fact that in Belfast, two teenagers were blown off their feet and into a passing bus!

It's been a sad week in the O'Boyle household. Amy has suddenly given up her daily 2 hour nap. Just totally out of the blue, no warning, just like that. Each day it's taken over an hour before I've finally given up, angry, tired, frustrated and upset with her and with me. Today I didn't bother and we both had a much better day. By the evening though she was short tempered, whiney and more than ready for bed. She fell asleep during our first reading of Bunny and Bee Can't Sleep. No crying or performing or stalling. She'd almost fallen asleep on my shoulder just before that. 

I had really enjoyed my little bit of peace just after lunch to tidy, cook, iron, watch telly or have a little nap myself. Her timing is not so great with the (hopefully) imminent arrival of her new sibling. Thanks Amy.

A nice warm cup of tea from her new two handled bunnykins mug.

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