Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Some pictures from the last 2 weeks

I've had such a good couple of weeks! I was expecting to be moving around in a zombie state, sleep deprived, sore, irritable and anxious, but it's been just the opposite! Thomas sleeps! Lee's paternity leave has been totally different to when he was off with Amy, and I'm so thankful!

So far, Amy doesn't seem to be too put out or affected by us bringing Thomas home, she's been so good. When Thomas first came home, she made it very clear that no one must take away her bunny, but lately she's been giving Thomas her bunny when he cries or is going to sleep. She's such a nice little girl!

On Thursday the health visitor and the midwife came to see us. Thomas was up to 8lb 4oz and they were both very happy with him. They also both commented on Amy and how good her speech is and how funny she is. 

On Sunday we had breakfast at McDonalds. We took Amy to the park in Jordanstown, then all went for a walk on the beach at the lough shore. Then went for another walk on the beach at Crawfordsburn. We stopped at the Cultra Inn for a cup of tea and to feed Thomas, then found a fish and chip shop that was open and ate in the car parked next to the sea. 

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