Saturday, 6 June 2015

Algarve family holiday - a photo dump

We're just home from 8 days in Albufeira. We had a wonderful time away, the weather was hot, the babies had fun and we even had a few evenings sitting on our balcony after Amy and Tom went to bed. A holiday success!!

 A passerby commented that Amy was just too adorable. We agree!
 We lunched at Casa da Fonte 3 times. Piri piri chicken and Portuguese styled steaks :) 
Our last meal at the snack bar across from our hotel. We kept going back, the food was the best! More piri piri chicken!
 The old town

 Amy loved the beach. She shrieked and laughed and giggled as the waves crashed and washed her up on to the sand. 'Again! Again!!'

 Amy reading 'What Small Rabbit Heard' She has the book memorized.
 The view from our balcony 

 Tom enjoyed the baby pool and kicked and splashed, then had a nap.

Amy really really wanted the inflatable turtle and immediately he was called Tiddles. Tiddles had to sleep next to her every night. 'I love you so much Tiddles'

 Dinosaurs- Rawr!!

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