Sunday, 5 July 2015

Today and the last of the Tall Ships

We went in to the city to see the tall ships and the fly by of the Red Arrows. We were in Belfast early (of course we were) and we went for our breakfast at the new Cast and Crew across from Titanic Studios. The food was pretty yummy, even if it was eaten one handed while we held Thomas who really needed to nap for longer than he did and couldn't content himself in his buggy and whinged and then his whinging started to escalate until we had no option but to lift him out.
It rained on us a little on our way over to where we'd watch the departure of the ships, but we only got a little damp. There were bouncy castles, face painting and a band playing. Amy had so much fun on the bouncy castles once she got over her fear/shyness. The sun came out every so often, it drizzled a little, we ate some left overs of the pizza Lee made for us yesterday, and we saw a few ships leaving. We had a good wee morning out, and we quit while we were ahead and everyone was still in good spirits.

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