Friday, 11 September 2015

Autumn is approaching and we've really noticed a change in the weather. The mornings and evenings are getting darker, and there is quite a chill in the air. The berries are also ripening in the back garden and we'll be getting them picked pretty soon! 

It's been a fairly tough few weeks with potty training and teething and sleepless nights. On Wednesday night Thomas woke around four times. Amy came in to the room to show me the contents of her potty at around 3 o'clock and then at around half past four I heard her get up, switch on her bedroom light and come down the hallway to ask for a cup of milk. She cried until I lay down next to her and then wouldn't let me leave. I managed to sneak back to bed around five o'clock and then we were all up for the day at half past six. I was a bit grumpy yesterday. I think we all were.

We've been trying to make the most of the still dry weather before the rain comes back. We've been spending loads of time in the garden getting our fill of fresh air before we're stuck in the house for weeks on end. 

We're all counting down the weeks to our big South African holiday! Granny and Grandpa get to meet Thomas. And nana is coming too! So whenever things start getting a bit rough, I just have to remember I have the sunshine to look forward to.

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