Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Catching up

Our S.A trip is coming up really fast. I've been banned from taking the babies to any playgroups for fear of them picking up chicken pox or anything else we don't want to deal with while away. The house is under a pile of old baby clothes, new baby clothes, holiday clothes, laundry, ironing, and shopping. Everything seems just a little bit upside down. Our Tuesdays with nana haven't been happening with granda recovering at home from his big operation. We've been spending more time in Ballymena since they've not been away to Ballintoy in the van painting. Kerri has moved to Bristol. She packed up her wee car on Sunday morning and her and Sophie dog got the ferry over. We'll see her again at Christmas.
Amy is nearly three! She's reached the big 'NO!' phase. Every request is met with a big 'NO!!' I'm hoping this is a short phase.
Thomas is nearly 9 months. He's still not showing any interest in crawling. He's done a few 5 to 6 hour stretches at night. It's better than the every 3 to 4 hour wakings he usually does. Of course, tonight he'll wake every 2 hours. For some reason, I've been more tired with the longer periods between wakings.

Aaand there's Tom awake now...

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