Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Twenty Fifteen

That's pretty much 2015 done then. Tomorrow we're away back to Ballymena and the family for new years. 
This past year has gone pretty fast. We've been busy. 
In January our wee Thomas was born. He is the sweetest, most laid back member of the family. And thank goodness too, because I couldn't cope with another high maintenance child! 

I tried to introduce Amy to the idea of possibly using a potty. She didn't think much of the idea and thought she'd do some decorating around the house while I cleaned up yet another wee wees off the floor...

In May/June we holidayed in Albufeira Portugal. We had a great time just hanging about the hotel pool and the beach. 

 Amy turned three! And also decided that the potty wasn't so bad after all.
 We spent most of November in South Africa. 

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